Lauren and Michael

Dodging bubbles is just one hazard of wedding photography.

On Saturday, Lauren and Michael were married in the pretty awesome surroundings of Yarra Valley Lodge.

In addition to bubbles, their wedding day featured an exceptionally long veil, bouquet tossing and some pretty crazy dance moves. This is just a first look, can’t wait to share some more!

Kazumi and Daniel

I have a lot of time for gentle people – those amongst us who manage to express themselves without needing to say very much.

Kazumi and Daniel said a lot without saying a lot last weekend. There were two distinct cultures, two dress changes and two individuals who have obviously found their perfect match in this world. Oh, and wood-fired pizza – which I also have good time for.

This is just the first look – much more to follow…

Faye Townley - Kazumi and Daniel’s wedding photos are lovely and look forward to seeing more. Lovely words too.

paul - Thanks Faye, glad you liked the images. Watch this space for more! Paul.

Chloe and Trent, Williamstown

A few sneak peek images from last week. A stunning couple and bridal party, great weather, heaps of fun, a dog that looks like a bear and some children with attitude. What more could you ask for?

Looking forward to sharing the rest of this soon!

Megan and Chris, Sandbar on the Beach

A beautiful beach venue for this ceremony.

Megan and Chris met each other in a “reveal” in the morning followed by a pre-ceremony photo session. That meant more time to hang-out and party with friends and family after the ceremony!

A stunning sunset, some cartwheels and even the odd tear I spotted. What an awesome day- good effort guys!

Creina Hillman - Beautiful moments captured!
Beautiful bride!
Great location!
Great fun!
Sensational day!